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Movie recommendation: I'm not there (2007)

I'm Not There is really one of those movies that use a different way of telling someone's life.The film is none other than Bob Dylan's life, but what really draws attention to the film is that there are six characters in focus and ... All of them are Bob Dylan! But also none of them are Bob Dylan!
A wise choice, since the controversial composer has many facets of his personality troubled for decades.The actors chosen for this great movie to play Bob Dylan are Christian Bale(Batman in the new Batman movies), Cate Blanchett, Marcus Carl Franklin, Richard Gere, Heath Ledger(Joker in Batman and the Dark Knight, after this movie Heath just do a few movies before he dies) and Ben Whishaw.

All the six "Bob Dylans"
It is difficult to make a review of a film like this because it is better understood by fans of the musician, but it is a good opportunity to know his work.Maybe you're wondering why six actors interpret as none of them is the real character, it is because the film's director Todd Haynes has not found a better way to show the various faces and phases of Bob Dylan had in his life.For example in the case of Cate Blanchett, she plays Jude Quinn in the film, it represents the moment when Bob Dylan began using an electric guitar and started to change his style, it had several criticisms of the fans.
Another important aspect of the film is its fantastic soundtrack,
are two CDs of covers by voices of singers of various styles like Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam, Sonic Youth, The Black Keys, Karen O, The Million Dollar Basher, and more.
I will leave here a trailer for those interested in the movie.

Failure rare song

From a b-side of Pro-catastrophe , Dipped in Anger

I'm sick with the guilt
and I'm dipped in the anger
And sex is the thing
that has brought me disease
I want to hurt people,
especially ones I know
I'm so fucking scared
I just wish I could go
But go to the store or
the park or the mountains
I'll still be sick there
as the anger spews from me
like fountains
Like fountains

I can break things, things plastic
but things I'll remember I broke
it's the the gnawing, the clawing,
The scraper inside wants to clean out
all that's inside so there's only without
A numb hard shell is how they'll find me
let me show you my best
I won't be that easy to find
I will fit in with the rest
I will fit in with the rest

The past is still with me,
it follows not stopping
Slowing me down to show me
that nothing is left in my life
To say that I have changed
I'm still here obsessing
and thinking of nothing
Can not even be honest with myself
Don't want to fit in with the rest
I don't want to fit in with the rest

Top of the pops funny moments

Where is the microphone Morrisey?

Kurt was very unhappy with the fact to use a pre-record in the show , so he does it

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Failure , uma grande influência mas nada conhecida

Los Angeles, Califórnia, Estados Unidos (1990 – 1997)
Failure foi uma banda formada em 1990 por Ken Andrews (guitarra e voz) e Greg Edwards (baixo e guitarra). Andrews e Edwards se encontraram através de um anúncio de classificados em Los Angeles, e logo começaram a gravar quatro faixas demo e a tocar nas redondezas de LA com o baterista Robert Gauss. Durante 1991 a banda fez algumas gravações com produtor Paul Lani (que havia trabalhado anteriormente com Enuff Z’nuff) e o engenheiro Randy Pekich. Quatro daquelas faixas foram feitas em sessões no extinto selo Sweet Smelling Records em um par de vinis de sete polegadas, “Pro-Catastrophe” e “Comfort”.

Failure apresenta um som único surgindo próximo da época de bandas como Nirvana que já se inventavam faz um tempo, porém sua existência hoje é algo que a maioria não sabe, a banda conta com 3 CDS gravados enquanto estava em atividade(Comfort, Magnified e Fantastic Planet) e 2 CDS póstumos(Golden e Essentials).

Ken Andrews é um nome estranho pra muitos , mas sua presença se faz até hoje em trabalhos posteriores ao da banda Failure, Andrews já produziu  e/ou mixou material de vários notáveis artistas e bandas, entre os nomes se encontra Pete Yorn, A Perfect Circle, Tenacious D, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Mae, Future of Forestry, e na canção "You Know My Name", tema do filme do espião James Bond em 2006 (Casino Royale) cantada pelo ex-Soundgarden/Audioslave ,Chris Cornell.