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Brazil: facts and myths

Lately I have noticed even in the media several statements about Brazil, and I believe most of them are wrong because the image is shown in TV commercials and documentaries around the world show only a small part of what Brazil is.
I'll just make clear some trivia and would like to comment on what you knew or not, I'm doing because I am not Brazilian, but first of all because I'm a history teacher in training and find it disturbing that the media talks about other countries.
Let's start then:
-The capital of Brazil is Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and the capital of Brazil is Brasilia

Some pictures of Brasília
-Do not have monkeys loose in the streets, they are in the zoo!

-Not all Brazilians enjoy beach, sun and they are not always tans,(
I'm so white I can't sunbathe lol)

Fernando de Noronha beach
-In fact a large part of Brazil is composed of European descendants , in the south of the country sometimes you might not believe that someone is actually brazilian)

-Another curious thing is that many believe that people walk with bathing suits on the streets all day, this is not true that only happens in Rio de Janeiro and other cities with beaches that are very busy.
-Important fact, Brazilians speak Portuguese not Spanish, and the brazilian portuguese is different from the one of Portugal.

-The media focuses in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to talk, but actually  Rio is a city not so spectacular, it has a lot of violence and slums, but the rest of the country is not so, the south of Brazil is a very peaceful and is often called European-Brazil sometimes.

-In general people think that Brazil is just carnival, beaches, bikinis, samba and tanned girls, but that's just a stereotype, much of the country does not share this taste, and some even hate it all

I hope this clarifies a few points about the country.Comment with your questions if you have any.

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  1. My cousin married someone from Brazil so I already knew quite a lot about it. Good post though!

  2. The only thing I really knew about Brazil is that the women are hot

  3. People always stereotype countries and their customs.

    Being from Canada, I live in an igloo, ride polar bears to school, deal with snowstorms in the summer and only eat maple syrup.

  4. Cool facts. Mord es #1 huehuehue. Just sayin'.

  5. interesting facts!
    i think its not so good that media focus only on Rio when talking about Brazil but hey, who doesnt want to see more of the samba dancers :D

  6. Nice facts, i ve always wanted to go to Brazil myself.

  7. Interesting! Most of things I already knew though :)

    Especially the European-Brasil bit was interesting.

  8. Thanks for clearing up the stereotypes.

  9. would it be a good place to live for an american? i saw fast five lol and i dont think that gives me a good impression of brazil