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Music Around The World: Wolfsheim

Well, here we are , and again I come to talk about music (just to clarify, this blog is not only about music but there are so many recommendations I would like to do, so becomes inevitable for me not wanting to talk about them). 

So through that I intend to periodically talk about some bands from different countries, these bands are generally unknown, particularly I love bands that are almost unheard of (my friends call underground syndrome haha)
I will begin with a German band called Wolfsheim, formed in 1987 by Markus Reinhardt and Pompejo Ricciardi,  the band was named because of a Scott Fitzgerald novel "The Great Gatsby" and Meyer Wolfsheim was a character in the book.

Peter Heppner

 The band went on to become a triplet when Markus' brother Oliver Reinhardt joined the band. but after producing the first demo tape, Pompejo left the band and was succeeded by Peter Heppner.
Peter Heppner has a really fantastic voice, and released his first solo album in 2008, in addition to being lead singer of Wolfsheim, Heppner has made several partnerships.Currently the band's future is undefined since 2008 because there is internal conflict between members.

In general it is difficult to describe in words this band, it is nicknamed as eletronic synth pop and the best way to understand its sound is listening. I will leave here the music video for Kein Zurück (means "No Going Back") of the 2003 album Casting Shadows:

This song depicts the nostalgia of childhood that no longer returns, where everything seemed easy and concerns do not exists, kind sad but a very good song.

And also leave here a music of Peter Heppner with the German musician and actor Joachim Witt
called "Die Flut":

Comment what you think of the band, and I also added Wolfsheim songs in the playlist on the blog home page for those interested.

PS: My English is not very good because it is not my native language but I'm working on improving it, if there is a very big mistake I ask you please report to me.

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  1. I like the both songs, even though I don't understand what they're saying xD The second song reminds me of rammstein a little.

  2. Don't worry about your English. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. even though I am german, I don't like german music :S

  4. Good. Very classy. Reminds me of Get Well Soon. They're German too, I think :).

  5. i love everything by Peter Heppner! + followed

  6. First song sounds rather boring, but still a little bit nice. "Die Flut" sounds great, though.

  7. i like the synths :) but i dont understand german :/

  8. Never heard of this band before, sounds really interesting... also, your english is great, don't worry about it!

  9. Always such cool and interesting music on this blog. Thanks again for sharing, I enjoyed this band. I've always had a thing for german music.

  10. didnt know these guys, i like their style