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Odd things around the world: Theremin

Theremin is a musical instrument almost unknown by most people, is characterized by a strange sound and different way to play it.
It was created by Léon Theremin (Russian: Lev Sergeivitch Termen), which was a Soviet inventor
At the beginning of his career Léon created weapons of spying for the Russian military, but to see the horrors of war left this life and decided to focus on his true passion, music.

The Theremin was the only instrument not requiring any physical contact to produce music and was, in fact, the first musical instrument designed to be played without contact, it is performed by moving hands in the air to produce sounds used by some "spooky".

Léon and the instrument
Well, talking about music is important but we must remember that listening is also necessary, so I'll leave here a music video of a Brazilian band who made the curious use of this instrument and also tells a bit of a funny story of Leon Theremin:

And a classic Zelda music played in Theremin too:

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  1. That is, without a doubt, the weirdest instrument I've ever seen.

  2. That is so weird xD Love the Zelda vid.

  3. That first video... are they vampires? And the second one was just awful =(

  4. My grandfather had one of these in his attic. Glad I know what it is now thanks!

  5. This blog has an interesting vibe to it. Followed.

  6. I love your blog. It has a classic hint to it. Also, interesting post!

  7. nice blog, loving the Zelda theme +followed

  8. whoa never seen a theremin before. that's crazy!!