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Failure: an unknown legend

Here I am again posting the first news of the blog, because it almost didn't read and was in Portuguese and was so incomprehensible to many readers.Failure is my favorite band, has a very unique sound especially when it comes over the sound of bass.Unfortunately the band no longer exists but has left a legacy even hard to find, but if you depend on me will never be forgotten.

Los Angeles, California, United States (1990 - 1997)
Failure was a band formed in 1990 by Ken Andrews (guitar, vocals) and Greg Edwards (bass/guitar). Andrews and Edwards met through a classified ad in Los Angeles, and soon began recording four demos and play on the outskirts of LA with drummer Robert Gauss. During 1991 the band made ​​some recordings with producer Paul Lani (who had previously worked with Enuff Z'nuff) and engineer Randy Pekich. Four of those tracks were made ​​in sessions in the defunct label Sweet Smelling Records in a pair of seven-inch vinyl, "Pro-Catastrophe" and "Comfort".

Failure has a unique sound emerged around the time that bands like Nirvana was doing the same, but Failure existence today is something that most people don't know, the band has recorded three CDs while in activity (Comfort, Magnified and Fantastic Planet) and two posthumous CDs (Golden and Essentials).

Unfortunately the band no longer exists but has left a legacy, even hard to find, but if depend on me will never be forgotten. The band has a video clip of the song "Undone" (fantastic music in my humble opinion) and a video clip of "Stuck on You":


The band also recently received a CD that is a tribute to his songs, the name of the album is "The Nurse Who Loved Me: A tribute to Failure". The CD has 16 tracks, all tracks are covers, one of the most outstanding songs of the band "Stuck on You" was now sung by Paramore, Emotron sings the song "Undone" and several other bands do their contribution for this great album.

Failure has created a unique style, style I see lacking in today's bands many times, I still hope to see great works by Ken Andrews. 

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  1. They sound pretty good, I also liked the Fantastic Planet album cover! (I like the movie Fantastic Planet!)

  2. really good music, I can see why they are your favorite!

  3. Failure...hell of a band name lol.

  4. Never heard of them but I really like those album covers.

  5. I agree with DWei, those album covers are awesome.

  6. Nice, interesting name for a band haha

  7. i haven't heard of them before but i really like 'stuck on you'

  8. interesting name for a band indeed