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CD Review: Shallow Bay: The Best of Breaking Benjamin


Ya Guys! lately it's hard to post something here because of lack of time, but here I am today and to do a review on cd that came out recently, Shallow Bay: The Best of Breaking Benjamin.
As the name says the album is a collection of his most famous songs of the band Breaking Benjamin, in fact it is a double CD, the first has no new material, if you're already a fan of the band will not interest you much, but if you don't know the band is a good way to know the sound they make.
In the second CD there are songs not previously released, which are "Better Days" and "Lie to Me," there's a couple of covers studio version of "Who Wants To Live Forever" by Queen and "Enjoy the Silence" by  Depeche Mode and finally, B-sides that were very interesting but difficult to obtain.
And one of the things I liked best were the acoustic versions of some songs, as was the case of Polyamorous and I really recommend to fans of the band and for those who want to know.

This is the original version of Polyamorous (the music video is the version for the game Run like Hell):

Oh and I almost forgot the new version of Blow Me Away (the first was part of the Halo 2 OST) is also present on the second CD.

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  1. Huh, I rather enjoyed the original Blow me Away. I wonder how the second one fairs.

  2. oh damn been a while since i listened to some benjamin! stuff rocks

  3. I'm not a big fan, but I liked your review.

  4. Hm... man... I'm not sure if i love them or hate them.

  5. I've heard a lot about these so I listened and I enjoyed! Also anything to do with Halo I will give it a go xD Cheers dude!

  6. i ve always liked Breaking Benjamin

  7. Awesome video! Great find! Thanks for the update!