sábado, 6 de agosto de 2011

Music Around the World: LadyHawke

Hi everybody, today I will present here some songs from a singer from New Zealand, Philippa Pip Brown (a.k.a. Ladyhawke).In the city of Wellington was part of the band Two Lane Blacktop, a name given because of the film 70 years with the same name.

Before assuming the name Ladyhawke it was part of the double Tennager sydney with Nick Littlemore Pnau group, Ladyhawke began to be called so because the movie Ladyhawke. Her first album was released in 2008 Ladyhawke,has not released other albums yet.
The first and only album has 12 tracks (13 in the UK version), Ladyhawke follows the style of synth pop, electro pop and new wave. He had some success when it released music single Paris is Burning.
Particularly I think a very good sound, and I hope the release of second album soon, I will
leave here the music video form "Magic", which I think portrays a fine atmosphere of the 80s:

And some few tracks from the album:

Ladyhawke - Paris Is Burning

Ladyhawke - my delirium


10 comentários:

  1. extremely cool. i love the electro + real instrument combination. great vocals

  2. this is pretty interesting, liking the electro feel to the songs

  3. omg i love that track, i dont really know why, i just love it

  4. Paris is Burning was my favorite of the group. I think it was due to the piano in the background.